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The TeachersCareers Project constitutes the first systematic comparative project in Europe aimed at understanding the role of the institutional dimensions affecting teachers’ careers and the teaching profession as a whole. The entry point for the project is that teacher policy since the 1970s across Europe and globally has been affected by a set of emphatic shifts in institutional logics: a shift from governing to governance, from education to learning, and from relatively stable and long-term employment relations to a flexibilisation paradigm.


Two members of our team participated to the annual conference of the Society for the advancement of socio-economics (SASE). The conference was hosted at the New School, New York, June 26-29. Caroline Bertron and Anne-Élise Vélu coordinated a session on contractualization in the public service and the frontiers of employment. They presented a paper on the effects of contract teaching jobs on teaching careers in France entitled « Permanent and contract teaching jobs in France. Growing dualization and segmentation of employment within state regulation », co-written with Hélène Buisson-Fenet and Xavier Dumay. https://sase.org/event/2019-new-york-city/

Research observation at ISTP 2019 in Helsinki, Finland

On March the 14-15th 2019, Tore Bernt Sorensen took part as an observer in the annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession. Thanks to Education International for making it possible for the TEACHERSCAREERS project to attend this key event for international social dialogue in the education sector.

Our team is now complete, since Dr Cécile Mathou and Dr Marc Sarazin have joined the project in December/January. More information on our People’s page.

The second annual meeting took place on October 10th & 11th in Louvain-la-Neuve and brought together the Belgian core team and our French & British partners.