The Dualisation of Teacher Labour Markets, Employment Trajectories and the State in France

Bertron, C., Vélu, A.-E., Buisson-Fenet, H. and Dumay, X.


In a context of growing dualisation of the workforce that in France takes the form of a ‘contractual dualism’, this article analyses the mechanisms supporting the resort to contract observed in the public teaching sector otherwise modelled on (statutory, long-term) civil service. It departs from analyses mainly focused on the institutional variations of dualism and their outputs, and contributes to the literature on labour market segmentations by adopting an analysis of workers’ experiences and professional trajectories. Findings reveal that contract teachers receive little support from the state to secure their careers and develop professionally, but nonetheless commit to their careers despite the differential in employment and work conditions, which they seemingly consider as acceptable comparatively with their previous work and employment conditions, and given their social origins and aspirations. Analyses thus bring forth new evidence of intersections between institutionalised forms of dualism, social reproduction and the employment trajectories of individuals.

Work, Employment and Society, A Journal of the British Sociological Association, published online on January 27,2023