2020 UCET Keynote From ‘an age of measurement’ to ‘an evidence era’? Policy-making in teacher education in England2021-01-28T16:44:39+01:00
The diversification of teachers’ employment relations. Comparing local patterns beyond employment regimes in England and France2021-02-04T17:19:31+01:00
European Union governance, social dialogue and the teacher workforce2020-04-03T13:24:20+02:00
The boundaries of the teaching profession under pressure2020-04-03T13:23:54+02:00
The audit culture and teacher education policy2020-04-03T13:23:26+02:00
The regulation of teachers’ careers and its effects on teachers’ status2020-04-03T13:22:47+02:00
Devenir enseignant contractuel dans le second degré2020-03-11T00:05:32+01:00
Permanent and contract teaching jobs in France2020-03-11T00:40:14+01:00
The teaching professions in the context of europeanisation and globalisation2020-03-21T10:54:07+01:00
The cultural political economy of the OECD TALIS programme2020-03-21T10:54:34+01:00
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