Maintaining and changing institutionalized environments: teacher education policymaking in England and France compared2021-09-23T16:32:50+02:00
Rhetoric of Game Changer: Social dialogue and industrial relations in education midst EU governance and privatisation in Europe2021-04-23T10:22:47+02:00
Annexes to EJTE publication Helgetun & Dumay2021-01-11T00:49:44+01:00
From scholar to craftsperson? Constructing an accountable teacher education environment in England 1976-20192021-01-18T09:22:44+01:00
Whither employment protections? Deregulation and the flexibilisation of the teaching workforce in the state-funded sector2020-09-25T11:33:48+02:00
How do educational systems regulate the teaching profession and teachers’ work? A typological approach to institutional foundations and models of regulation2020-09-24T11:53:48+02:00
From an age of measurement to an evidence era?  Policy-making in teacher education in England2020-09-10T10:38:18+02:00
The space for challenge in transnational education governance: the case of Education International and the OECD TALIS programme2020-09-24T11:57:07+02:00
Ordinalization and the OECD’s Governance of Teachers2020-06-08T11:15:42+02:00
Global perspectives on high-stakes teacher accountability policies: An introduction2020-06-08T11:26:28+02:00
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