The European Sectoral Social Dialogue in Education and the strengthening of the European Union’s policy regime in education and employment2024-04-27T15:28:44+02:00
The emergence of European boundary-spanning policy regimes: analysing intersectoral policy coordination in education and employment2024-04-28T17:15:03+02:00
The Oxford Handbook of Education and Globalization2024-04-28T13:30:16+02:00
L’État enseignant déconcentré : le poids des configurations académiques2023-09-05T11:39:23+02:00
The Dualisation of Teacher Labour Markets, Employment Trajectories and the State in France2023-02-13T22:41:26+01:00
Reshaped teachers’ careers? New patterns and the fragmentation of the teaching profession in England2023-01-21T14:12:56+01:00
The global and the local: idea flows, contexts, and the influencing of education policy in the 21st century2023-01-12T22:31:33+01:00
Au guichet du rectorat. Le travail de recrutement des enseignant·es contractuel·les dans le second degré2023-01-14T11:15:56+01:00
Globalization, Teachers, and Teacher Education: Theories, Themes, and Methodologies2023-01-12T21:53:24+01:00
The Status of the Teaching Profession2023-01-08T21:43:15+01:00
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