Le recours croissant aux enseignant·es contractuel·les : vers un effet papillon ? X. Pons2022-01-24T16:10:55+01:00
Les enseignants contractuels de l’Éducation nationale : vers l’institutionnalisation d’une gestion coutumière de la pénurie ? C. Bertron, H. Buisson-Fenet, X. Dumay, X. Pons, A.-E. Velu2022-01-24T16:10:31+01:00
Special Section on Teachers, Teaching, and Globalization Introduction by Sorensen and Dumay2021-12-17T12:01:29+01:00
The Teaching Professions and Globalization: A Scoping Review of the Anglophone Research Literature by Sorensen and Dumay2021-12-17T12:02:23+01:00
Making Sense of Teacher Education in a Globalizing World: The Distinctive Contribution of a Sociocultural Approach, by Katharine Burn & Ian Menter2021-12-17T12:05:13+01:00
Teachers in Neoinstitutional and World Culture Theory, by Gerald LeTendre2021-12-17T12:06:01+01:00
Teachers and the Teaching Profession in Global Education Policy Theory: A Commentary, by Antoni Verger2021-12-17T12:07:38+01:00
Maintaining and changing institutionalized environments: teacher education policymaking in England and France compared2021-09-23T16:32:50+02:00
Rhetoric of Game Changer: Social dialogue and industrial relations in education midst EU governance and privatisation in Europe2021-04-23T10:22:47+02:00
Annexes to EJTE publication Helgetun & Dumay2021-01-11T00:49:44+01:00
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